NFKickassactivities 05-03-2018

Greetings, dear reader.  This week is once again a new week, as expected. And we all know what that means: a brand new NFKickassactivities. Because of the upcoming lecture of prof. Van Bendeghem I was planning on writing a mathematics-themed NFKickassactivities. Sadly, my intellectual abilities are limited. I therefore chose a simple theme: 1. “What is ‘1’?” some might ask themselves.  The number “1” is the natural number following 0 and preceding 2. It’s also the atom number of hydrogen. Is that it? I don’t know. I’m not a mathematician. Plotinus spoke of “the One” as the ultimate transcendent reality, beyond beginning and end of existence.  Hopefully that clears matters up.

Monday is the first day of the week. At least according to NFKickassactivities. Why that is, I can’t say. NFKickassactivities never reveals its secrets. What I can tell you is this: there are no activities planned on Monday.

A fun fact for the fans: Despite being only divisible by 1 and itself, the number 1 is not considered  a prime number. Too bad, number 1. Better luck next time!

Tuesday evening there is the Thomasfak, a special fakbar  for the occasion of the Thomas celebration. From 9pm on you are welcome in the one and only M-café to celebrate the existence of Thomas Aquinas together with your peers and to build strong friendships along the way. According a website that looks halfway reliable, Thomas once said that there’s nothing to be prized more on this earth than true friendship. In my opinion anyone who agrees with that has obviously never imagined a world without “1”. Go ahead and try. Would you be able to assure your existence in the unimaginable existential chaos that comes with a world without unity with friendship? That’s right, I didn’t think so.

On Wednesday, the Institute celebrates. The Thomascelebration, namely.  Because such an event occurs only once a year, all classes of philosophical subjects after 2pm will be suspended. The Thomascelebration starts at 2pm with a mass in the Chapel of the Leo XIII seminar. At 3h30 pm Prof. Jean-Paul Van Bendegem will give a guest lecture in the Cardinal Mercier Hall, titled “The Beauty of Noise.” Afterwards there will be a reception. At 7h30 pm there will be  a cheese and wine eveining in the big hall of the Leo XIII seminar.

To give everyone the opportunity to get some rest after all this partying,  there are no activities planned activities on Thursday. To fill your time you might contemplate why a deck of playing cards has aces instead of ones.

Friday there is a breadmeal in the lounge from 12 am until 2 pm like every week. Feel free to come and consume bread and other foods in the company of your peers for democratic prices. “What prices?”, some of you might be asking. Well, at least more than one euro.

Extra: This week LOKO is organizing the Ithaka arts festival.  The whole week they will show a multitude of artistic works in one of Leuvens most beautiful locations.  A really good