Praesidium 2014-2015


Joep Bronneberg, Lorenzo Buti, Ewoud De Sadeleer

The first triumvirate was a collaboration between the most powerful men of the Roman Republic to gain even more power. The intentions of these three men are more noble, they seek only to make sure you get education and entertainment of the highest quality. Joep was member of the party crew, Lorenzo and Ewoud took hold of the function Sport and Games. Vice praesides Joep and Lorenzo will, in addition to their boundless dedication in all kinds of activities, ensure that the internal operation runs smoothly. Ewoud will be responsible for overall coordination, student representation on boards of education and external relationships. With great confidence we place power in the hands of these three men. Email: &


Emma Moormann, Stef Frijters

Emma Moormann, Stef Frijters
If you want to know whether measuring is knowing and if education is an obligation or a right, you can go to our skilled praesidium members responsible for education. Emma thinks the eleventh doctor is actually just as good as the tenth and Stef doesn’t like tomatoes, but more important is that they will defend your interests in the field of education passionately. This couple wants to prove that their love for students representation is as great as their love for each other. Also remember that there would be no NFK without education. Ergo no education => no fun. Email:

Public Relations

Hans De Mey, Sien Leppens, Alexandra Verhaeghe

What do the PR-campagnes of Adolf Hitler, Mitt Romney and BP-oil have in common? Neither of them where conceived by the twisted creativity of this talented trio. If they were, the amount of awards and honorary doctorates pouring down upon them would have filled the streets for years to come. Sien Leppens is known far and wide as a true Public Relations prodigy. Ancient Chinese folktales tell of a time where she made the rain itself smile, and it is rumored that wherever she walks, flowers bloom in her footsteps. Next to her stands Alexandra Verhaeghe, a charismatic young lady who combines an outgoing personality with the ability to sell sand in a desert. Even though there isn’t anything this dynamic duo can’t handle, they have Hans De Mey joining their ranks. A lot of rumors surround his birth and early life, but the facts most historians tend to agree upon is that at least one bipolar flamingo and three illegal eskimo’s were involved. Hans combines the strength and toughness of a notoriously mad sailor, with the delicacy and tenderness of the aforementioned sailor. Whether his addition proves to be an advantage or not, it is certain the new praesidiumyear is going to be one to remember! Email:


Giuseppe Minervini, Abel Romkes, Sharon Arts

Giuseppe Minervini, Abel Romkes, Sharon Arts
West-Flanders has given Flemish literature two great writers: Guido Gezelle and Giuseppe Minervini. What a wonderful coincidence the latter walks around here at the Institute, a most suitable candidate for a culture president culture. Or is it? Will his unstoppable vision and incomprehensible dialect be a problem? Don’t worry, there’s always Sharon Arts, spontaneous, affable and smiling, she has the talent to make something astonishing out of a hundred thousand bad ideas, and, what’s more, despite her roots in Dutch Limburg, one understands her without any problem. Like Sharon, Abel Romkes is coming from the picturesque Netherlands, and I can already hear you ask: “What do two Dutchmen and a guy from West-Flanders know of culture?” But let’s not focus on those prejudices here. Their talents are beyond dispute. Talking about Abel for example. As a chess master (more or less the Magnus Carlsen of the HIW), we can count on him for both his sense of high culture and his strategic masterbrain. Out of nothing, he can come up with a brilliant move. And that’s just what culture is all about, isn’t it? Looking for originality in every corner. Email:


Nelis Jespers, Laura Stynen

Nelis Jespers – you’re reading it right: his name is Nelis and not Jesper, Jasper, or whatever – turned in his first year at the HIW immediately into a man of many talents. Not only did he already earn his feathers with a stressful role in the now famous NFK play last year, he also proved himself unrivalled in nightlife. Who was it that late night strolled down the streets and had dubious encounters with cyclists without pants? Right, he was. And he is not alone, flanked by the charming, unequalled and stunningly beautiful Laura Stynen. Anyone who met her at a cantus, TD’s or fakbar evenings, saw that even in her already legendary cow costume she still looked gorgeous. You might say: “All right, both of them can party, but can they also organize parties?” Well, nobody knows for sure, but with the ironic eye for detail of Nelis Jespers and the irresistible feminine touch of Laura Stynen, it can hardly go wrong. Email:


Jenske Sampson, Charlotte Fortems

You can say goodbye to expensive printing cards and unreliable printers. Jenske already has half a year of experience at the cursusdienst and his favourite colour is green, Charlotte’s favourite colour is pink. But those colours don’t actually matter, because all readers are printed in black and white so you can count on delightfully low prices. These guys make sure that all students can get their syllabi without worrying about a thing. Email:


Pieter Vandemoortele, Sophie Tielemans

There have only been two philosophers who were also great football players. Albert Camus and Johan Cruijff, but recently there has been added one. We know that he’s a gifted footballer, a marvellous dribbler with a pass like Andrea Pirlo, and thus a crucial factor in the glorious NFK victory against Kathechetika in the final of the Thomascup, but that Pieter Vandemoortele also excels in unprecedented NFK-commitment will not remain hidden for us. The situation is different for his female co-applicant. We know her by her unstoppable NFK-engagement: present on every activity, always first in and last out, through wind and weather, in peace and in adversity. Now Sophie Tielemans finally gets the chance to show the other side of herself, as the sports mastermind. This is a duo that can accomplish great things. The seeds that were planted last year in the sports cultus of the HIW will now fully blossom. For example, they promise to blow new life into women’s football and live broadcast all matches of the Champions League in the dean’s office. Mens sana in corpore sano? For sure! With these two! Email:


Ruud Reitsma, Mick van Plateringen

Only time can tell whether they can tap beer at the level that our critical NFK-students expect, but one thing is for sure: they certainly don’t lack creativity. Rumour has it that their first brainstorming session didn’t last longer than exactly 193 seconds and resulted in approximately 18 full pages of ideas. Hence it shouldn’t amaze us that they have already made some remarkable promises. Closing down the elevator to use it as a gambling hall and pick-up center for questionable ladies, as well as expanding the theme-nights are just a few of them. Don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a foam party or an FC Twente-fanbar. Megalomaniacs? Without any question, but what’s more important: they think straight. Money and bitches and that’s that. And on top of it all, they have made the single most beautiful promise: more beer. Everything in a sphere of Dutch cosiness. So make no mistake: if you vote for them, you are voting for two Dutchmen. Email:


Simon J. Tak, Katleen Pasgang

In the notes of esteemed professor André Cloots one should be able to find the annotation that ‘someone that does not love Katleen Pasgang, must be a man with no hart’. She’s definitely loveable, but most important is that a pen feels as good in her hand as does heroine in the veins of Pete Doherty. Last year she already published marvelous short stories and poetry in deWijzer and this year she’s taking full control. It is rumored that there will be lots of gossip in next year’s edition, tabloid journalism that will let everyone know what is going wrong inside the praesidium. One thing is for sure: under her leadership, deWijzer will stay the monument it has been for a very long time. And what that strange Simon J. Tak has to do with it… Well, we don’t really know either. Some say he is the maligned and rejected bastard of Jan Becaus, but those who already heard him speak know that this can’t be true. Email:


Erik De Cock

A treasurer is the person responsible for running the treasury of an organization. The adjective for a treasurer is normally “tresorial”. The adjective “treasurial” normally means pertaining to a treasury, rather than the treasurer. Erik will definitely live up to this Wikipedian definition. Oldest of our team, he already was NFK’s webmaster for two years and thus has the most experience of our praesidium. Now he’s going to run our organization financially and if certain knowledge exists, it is that he will perform magnificently. Email: