About NFK


NFK is a student association organized by philosophy students for philosophy students, in connection with the Institute of Philosophy at KU Leuven. The main goal of a student association is to connect, entertain and help their members, but NFK is so much more. The NFK praesidium members will give their heart and soul to organize debates, reading groups, parties and more. NFK will also be your educational representative among the faculty and university. We’ll see to it that the “party people” as well as the “I-prefer-a-good-book people” feel at home among us.

We’ll organize several small and big events, for culture and book lovers as well as for party animals and even for the sportfans among us. We have a weekly recurring bread meal on Friday (bread, spread and coziness for €1,50) that brings people together. We also facilitate weeekly gatherings of reading groups. There are some big annual events like our first years weekend, the formal Christmas dinner, the cultural weekend trip and the ‘open expo’ where philosophy students can exhibit their arts. We also organise small game nights and of course cantusses and TD’s as well.

Good to know

  • Every philosophy student is automatically a member of NFK. We choose not to ask a membership fee. This means you can join any NFK activity at any time, buy your readers at discount prices at our ‘cudi’ and contact us with any academic question or remark you have.
  • Also good to know: we do not have ‘student baptism‘ or ‘hazing’ rituals. We don’t feel like you have to prove anything, your choice for philosophy already makes you one of us.
  • Since every philosopher needs fuel; NFK offers coffee and tea with free contribution in our students lounge. Our lounge is in the basement of the Institute, and is open whenever the Institute is open. Feel free to nestle yourself in one of our couches or heat your pick-nick in our microwave. As a plus, you’ll always find someone there for a nice little talk or a big discussion in our lounge.
  • A last important thing to know: as a service to our members we have a ‘cudi’. This means we sell printed course readers at discount prices. We do not sell any books, and we can only sell the readers professors send us. The readers we print will be sold in the basement, next to our student kitchenette, and in the concerning classes the first week after printing is done. Opening hours of the cudi are on the website www.nfk.be and on Facebook. The cudi is open from the second week on.

How to contact us

To stay informed about our activities please subscribe to our weekly newsletter: NFKalender (fill in your name and email address on the website in the box beneath the pictures) and join the Facebook group ‘Philosophy Students KU Leuven’. We also have a NFK Facebook page. If you have education related remarks or questions you can e-mail the education team: education@nfk.be. To reach cudi: cudi@nfk.be. For general remarks or questions preses@nfk.be & vice@nfk.be, send us a Facebook message or just ask a praesidium member. You’ll be sure to bump in to one of us at the Institute at any time!