Course service

The NFK course service (or ‘cudi’) is an easy and cheap way for students to purchase printed courses and readers. Our cudi is located in the basement of the HIW, in the NFK lounge.

Opening Hours: Closed. We’re always available at

Payment: Cash, transfer money, payconiq

List of courses and prices

  • Antieke Wijsbegeerte Griekse en Romeinse Filosofie (handboek/cursus) (d’Hoine) 5€
  • Antieke Wijsbegeerte (reader) (d’Hoine) €3
  • Arabic Philosophy €3
  • Seminarie Antieke Wijsbegeerte (Arthur Oosthout) €1,5
  • Logica (handboek/cursus) (Lorenz Demey) €9,5
  • Natural Sciences for Humanities (ENG)€4
  • Metafysica €3
  • Critical Social Theories (ENG) €5,5
  • Late Modern Philosophy (ENG) €2
  • Laatmoderne Wijsbegeerte €3,5
  • Political Philosophy – Advanced Course €10

Old NFK shirts: €5

NFK Pull/Hoodie: €15

Codex: €10

NEW NFK Merch shirts 15€