Course service

Don’t want to spend loads of money on courses and readers? Come to our cudi (course service) to buy them much cheaper! The cudi is located in the NFK Lounge, in the basement of the HIW faculty building. Opening hours can be found on the door, as well as further down this page. The first weeks of each semester we also come to sell courses in the classrooms during breaks. Missed a class? No problem, you can always contact us here to ask questions, or arrange to meet outside opening hours, via

Opening hours between 12/02 and 09/03

Tuesday from 12h00 to 14h00

Friday from 12h00 to 14h00

Opening hours after 09/03

Friday from 13u00 to 14u00

Available courses

In English

Ethics Advanced €8

In Dutch

Antiquity €8
Arabic philosophy  €2.5
Extra political philosophy  €5.5
Ethics reader €2.5
Philosophy of language €4
Russian philosophy reader €3 (studenten notes €0.70)