50 Years of memories

A selection of the most memorable memories of 50 years NFK

“I was very scared to start my first academic year at the university. NFK organised pub crawl
and one Belgian girl from NFK approached me (and my friends) to ask if we want to join and
that we are all very welcome. She was just walking around being very loud and friendly to
everyone. Somehow I immediately felt at home after this short interaction.”

– philosophy student since 2016


“My most memorable memories? A lot, and it would be impossible to sum them all up, but the
renovation and painting of the lounge was something that will stick with me forever.”

– Michiel, philosophy student since 2017 and former praeses of NFK


“My favorite NFK memory as a non-praesidium member, also because it was of course a super exciting period in my life, was the first year’s weekend in 2016. Not only did I have a great time then, but I also got the feeling that I was in the right place at the HIW, and that there were all kinds of nice people I wanted to get to know. I twisted my ankle quite badly at the time, but it was still a really nice experience that I still like to recall every now and then.

As a praesidium member, you experience a lot of drama and bullshit that you don’t experience as a ‘normal’ member, but at the same time you are involved in the activities in a completely different way. In my first year as a praesidium member, I really enjoyed doing DeWijzer, because Wolfram and Felix (my colleagues) are just really cool people to work with. In that same year, I also did education, which is a more serious side of NFK of course, and that was fun in a whole different way; I was engaged to be involved in student representation in a more ambitious way. Aaron, the faithful treasurer and ex-praeses, really inspired me that year to reform NFK in a positive way (which was necessary, unfortunately).

But my favorite memory comes from the year I was praeses. My year was far from perfect, and I certainly made some mistakes, but I was extremely lucky with my team. Their trust in my vision, their commitment to help NFK get back on its feet, their constant dedication to the association (even when we had to continue our meetings until far too late); it was such a great feeling for me to have a reliable and committed team after a period in which sheer disillusionment, apathy and disappointment caused so many to start doubting whether it was worth continuing the association at all. Certainly, my functionaries and treasurers were real heroes: Luca, Michiel S & G (although, is cudi really high praesidiumworthy?), Felien, Anouchka (<3), Robin and Dennis – they gave me confidence in the beginning, and always showed their deep commitment, even at moments that were really shitty. But we have also experienced many beautiful and fun moments, despite all the drama, and TPC will not take those away from us again. (That’s a joke Jack, don’t hurt me). Apart from all the NFK internal politics, I have also really enjoyed the opportunity to act in the NFK play from
my first year until two years ago. That was really fun.”

– Rik, philosophy student since 2016 and former praeses of NFK


“The hilarious pirate themed cantus on the boat in the Vaart is really one of my best memories!
Also, your super active and accessible Discord is a great pleasure, the everlasting among us
evenings were bright lights during the dark lockdown.”

– Dries, musicologie student and current praeses of Musicologica


“What I love most about NFK activities in general, is how accessible they are, how open and
social everyone is and how easy it is to meet new people. Whether it’s a cantus, a party, a quiz
or a cozy evening in the fakbar: I will always have a great time“

– Robin, philosophy student since 2017


“My favorite memories are:

  • The first years weekend, because I left a little scared but made friends for life
  • The culture trip to Paris, which was really fun and magical
  • My very first cantus: the Celtic cantus!
  • The gala ball (2019) when everyone was super fancy
  • My very first Christmas dinner. That’s when I got to know many other freshmen and
    afterwards we went to the Blauwe Kater
  • The many cosy and somewhat strange evenings in the fakbar in M-café <3″

– Julie, philosophy student since 2017


“in the morning of the 24th of September 2018, I left for Leuven by train, full of excitement.
Around 9 o’clock and guided by Google Maps, I arrived at the beautiful gate of the HIW. From
the other side, someone was approaching. Just before the gate, we spoke to each other. We were
nervous and did not know what to expect. “Philosophy?” “Yes, me too!”, and we stepped into
the gate together, into a long and tiring day of first impressions and a philosophical adventure
at the university. Marie and I are now living together and have been good friends for 2 and a
half years <3”

– Nina, philosophy student since 2018


“I still remember creating an ‘education-folder’ with my co-praesidium member from team
education. The intention was that it would be passed on and completed each year. I’m curious
to know whether this folder still exists (but no problem if it does not!). Furthermore, the
cantusses were of course unforgettable”

– Piet, former philosophy student from 2004-2008 and