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NFKickass activities 19/02/2018

Hello dear readers, and welcome to the first NFKickass Activities of the second semester.  I hope you’re just as ready as me for another semester full of kick-ass words, sentences and paragraphs. By request, the theme for this week will  be “turtles”. Who doesn’t know what I’m talking about when reading the word “turtles”: imagine slow, large frogs with a big shield on their back. Also, try to pick up a book once in a while. You might learn something.  But anyways enough about the reptilian animals that look like the leather couch at your grandparents’ house that probably saw it best days back when they  bought in from a hobo in the 80’s. We still have an agenda.

Monday, there’s nothing to do. But, if you have a walking speed similar to that of a turtle, you might as well already leave for the fakbar on Tuesday in the M-café, starting at 9 pm.

On Wednesday you can come to the Cobra-café in the salons of the HIW from 6pm. That’s a free reception serving as a conclusion of a Cobra conversation day.  Such a conversation day serves a function of content reflection in a bigger plan of Cobra as a method of quality control for education of the KULeuven. For the enthousiasts, here are some more anatomical facts about turtles. Turtles are actually cold blooded animals, but their body temperature is usually a few degrees higher than the temperature of the environment due to the turtles’ high metabolism. Also, the space inside the shield of a turtle is very limited. So limited that when a turtle withdraws into the shield, he/she has to squeeze all the air out of his/her lungs in order to fit. So it’s probably not as comfortable as some of you might’ve imagined.

Thursday, there’s a lot to do again. For those of you who understand Dutch, NFK is participating in VRG’s Interfacultary Eloquence Tournament. From 8pm until 12am you can come if NFK’s title defender Hans De Mey, whose many similarities yours truly neither confirms nor denies, will be able to win a third trophy. If you find all that talking rather boring, you can come to fakbar Letteren (Blijde Inkomststraat 11, Leuven) where NFK organizes an IKEA TD together with Eoos, the faculty circle of the student who study languages and regional studies.  It promises to be a lot of fun!

Friday there will be breadmeal in the lounge to good practice. You can come eat as much bread and bread related products for the democratic price of 2 euros.  There are still constants in life, hurray!

So, that’s it for this week. Hopefully until next time, and for now try to remember that turtles can’t hear very well because their eardrums are covered with skin.  Goodbye!

NFKickassactivities 18-12-2017

Greetings dearest reader, and welcome to what will be the last NFKisckassactivities of this semester. Life goes fast when you’re having fun, isn’t it? I don’t know about you, but for me it’s a very emotional farewell. But don’t worry, for we will be back in the second semester with  more silly antics and jollity than you could’ve ever imagined. Because there is very little to do this week, we will talk about the eternal and boundless emptiness that will have consumed everything you could ever know and not know once absolute emptiness is reached. Just kidding, we will talk about something way more depressing: studying tips.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday there are no activities – no fakbar on Tuesday either-  so you’ll have time enough to study. Here are some tips:

  • Make schemes and recaps. When you’ve structured the matter on paper, it’ll be structured in your head as well.
  • Make sure you studying room is tidy and that your computer, phone, typewriter and flatiron are turned off when you don’t need them. Chaos and technology will only distract you from what really counts in life: results.
  • Plan ahead when studying. Making a timetable beforehand will prevent you from having to do too much work on the last moment.
  • Is it not working? Don’t hesitate to take a break. You don’t have to keep trying when something doesn’t work.  Go get some fresh air or jump up and down for a few times to get the blood flowing again.
  • Make sure to get enough sleep. If you don’t get sufficient sleep, your focus, short-term memory and motivation will suffer.

Luckily, there are still constants in life, because Friday will be the last breadmeal of the semester from 12pm until 2pm in the lounge, where you’ll be able to get some minerals and fibers for studying. I will leave you with one last tip before saying goodbye:

  • Remember to drink enough water in order to stay hydrated.

So, that was is for this semester, dearest reader. Farewell, and hopefully until next semester!