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NFKickassactivities 24/02/2020

NFK has everything to offer to make this week an amazing one: Party Crashers for the party animals, Artefact for the intellectuals and a breadmeal for everyone who needs to eat. Versatile philosophers as you are, we of course expect everyone of you at all our events!

Tuesday 25/02

10:30PM Party Crashers 2.0

After the amazing edition of last semester, there is PARTY CRAHSERS 2.0!! We’ll crash parties at the fakbars in Leuven to see which one is the best, do you have a favorite?

This edition might even be better than the previous one, come find out! Meet us at 10.30PM at the institute.


Thursday 27/02

8PM – 10PM NFK goes to Artefact

We will visit the art festival Artefact 2020 at STUK. Artefact 2020: Alone Together focuses on solitude, loneliness and connection in contemporary society. You can find the program on the Artefact website! Felien (a philosophy student) is doing an internship in STUK and will give a guided tour through the expo at 20:00h. We meet at the reception. This tour and visiting the expo are completely free.


Friday 28/02

12PM – 2PM Breadmeal 

The best lunch is on Friday at our breadmeal in the Lounge! For only €1,50 you eat as much as you want.

NFKickassactivities 17/02/2020

Tuesday 18/02

1PM – 5PM NFCapitalism: Post-Card Sale

It’s time of another NFK Sale!!! Pay us a visit as we bring you a series of HIW inspired postcards. Send them to your loved ones or just keep them as a memoralbilia for your time spent at the institute.


9PM – 11.30PM Fakbar

We still have a very nice fakbar in a very nice renovated lounge with very nice people, so come check it out and have a very nice time!


Friday 21/02

12PM – 2PM Breadmeal

The best lunch is on Friday at our breadmeal in the Lounge! For only €1,50 you eat as much as you want.


Saturday 22/02

12PM – 6PM NFK Weekend Activity: Games at Pangaea

In leuven during the weekend? Don’t have any plans? Join us at pangaea to chill and play some board games!!!