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Survey electives

Important changes are ahead! Next academic year, the Institute of Philosophy will launch its new bachelor program. One thing is still to be decided upon: the pool of elective courses. Since this is the part of the program where students can freely choose courses that match their interests or are considered as an important addition to their program, it is very important that we get input on what students expect from these electives. Your student representatives would therefore be incredibly glad if many of you fill in our small questionnaire, because the more students do so, the better their voices can be heard during the final decision-making. Moreover, as an extra incentive, we will provide a nice cup of hot chocolate for all those students who have filled in the questionnaire – look out for us in the HIW entrance hall on the 21st of November!

Link to the survey:

More information in this article:…/1hN9Z-MLawtyP1XmY-6ErKxw_l…/view…

NFKickassactivities 28/10/2019

Tuesday 29/10

13.00 – 16.00 Ceci n’est pas une activité: NFK doesn’t go to Dali & Magritte

The realm of the real has the bitter taste of an orange. Therefore no logic will be tolerated. Stick that modus ponens in your butthole and join us on our trip to the exhibition of Dali & Magritte in Brussels!

-We’ll take the train of 13:05 in Leuven to Brussels Central Station and meet at the train platform.
-From Brussels Central Station it’s a ten minute walk to the Royal Museum of Fine Arts.
-Detailed Information on the admission fee and the exhibition can be found here:

*note: these rather real practicalities are but a ladder to the surreal: one must so to speak throw away the ladder, after he/she has climbed up on it.


21:00 – 00:00 Fakbar

Definitely come to our weekly fakbarevening at the Lounge!