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Cantus Moulin Rouge

Voulez-vous chanter avec moi, ce soir?
No, NFK is not turning into a cabaret theatre (yet), but we are organising a new and spicier than ever NFKantus, entirely in the theme of the french Moulin Rouge. Find yourself the best cancan-dancer insipired outfit and join us in our cheerful singing and (excessive) drinking during this edgy cantus. Let’s just say that the summery weather won’t be the only reason for the rising temperature at Zamo on May 16th. We are opening the doors at 20:00h and Io vivat at 20:30h. Don’t forget to bring your own cup!

Prices: €14 for beer and €5 for water.
You can transfer the money to NFK: BE67 7350 4287 4287.
Sign up here:

Voting for the upcoming praesidium

Dear student
The voting for the upcoming praesidium of NFK is now open. You can cast your vote on The voting will close tomorrow at noon (12pm). The results of the voting wil be communicated afterwards at the website and on the facebookpage of NFK.
Kind regards
Michiel Geusens
Chairman neutral commitee