NFKickassactivities 12-03-2018

Greetings, dear reader! Hopefully you are starting your week  full of new ideas that can contribute to the lives of your fellow humans in a meaningful way. That way you won’t have to appeal to confusing self-referential structures in order to hide your lack of creativity because you will be able to focus on all that  is dear to you! Doesn’t that sound fulfilling? The theme of this week is “the theme”. For those who don’t know what the theme is: it’s “the theme”.  I just communicated that to you. Try to read with more attention!

Monday there will be no activities organized.

On Tuesday, the day that thematically follows a Monday, you can come to the fakbar at the M-café from 9pm, just like every other Tuesday evening. But it won’t be your usual beloved bartenders serving you.  To promote the yearly Student Questionnaire about the quality of certain classes you might have taken, some professors will take place behind the bar.  Three names are already know: Dean Gerd Van Riel will be assisted by Filip “Clarifier of concepts” Buekens and Griet Galle, who will lead you through the maze of information. But wait, there’s more!  If the HIW reaches a response degree of 50%, NFK will treat everyone present to some fantastic discounts.  For more information you can look at the facebookevent. If you haven’t filled in your questionnaire yet, you can find it on Toledo!

Wednesday and Thursday there are no activities. To pass your time, you can try to figure out why “the theme” is the theme, the subject is “the theme” but the theme is not “the subject” because that would be “the theme” (the subject).  Alternatively, you can spend your time in a more meaningful way trying to make something of your motivation and ideas.

Friday there’s a breadmeal in the lounge from 12am until 2pm, just like always.

So, this was NFKickassactivities for this week. Next week we will be back with a theme that’s at least as inspiring and original as “the theme”. See you then!