NFKickassactivities 26/06/2018

Ah! Surprise! Welcome to this week’s NFKickassactivities with ‘the unexpected’ as a theme. I bet you didn’t see that one coming. As the regular reader might expect, I will start off with a short explanation for those who  do not know what “unexpected” means and therefore –I assume – probably lead a life that is easy although relatively boring: unexpected is that which is not foreseen. Some examples of things that are generally considered as unexpected are: Uggs, most season finales of Game of Thrones, a philosophy student finding a fulfilling job with a sustainable pay, 9/11, and a badly written NFKickassactivities.  Anyways, let us continue.

Monday there is fakbar. You probably didn’t expect that. That’s because it isn’t true. There are no activities planned on Monday.

Tuesday there is a fakbar. Just like every Tuesday you are welcome at the M-café from 9pm to order your favourite drinks from your favourite fakbar staff.

Wednesday from 6pm until 8pm there is the Education Bureau in the Council Room of the HIW (room 01.16). Feel free to come and give your opinions on education at the HIW and the results of the COBRA-questionnaire.  Or student representatives will gather your input and take it to the Permanent Education Committee. Furthermore Wednesday is the deadline for the payment of NFK’s culture trip. Are you registered but haven’t paid yet? Be quick, or our treasurer might do some unexpected things. Coincidentally, Wednesday is also the day the registration list for the culture trip will be open to people who are not a member of NFK. The chance that you will still be able to get a place as a non-member is small, but you can always count on the unexpected happening. (You can’t.)

On Thursday there are no activities.

For those who succeeded on their logic final against all expectations, I have a fun paradox concerning the unexpected:

Friday there is a breadmeal just like every week. If there will be a special theme for this week’s breadmeal, will stay a surprise for now.  The breadmeal price will be just as you expect it. But we do still expect you to pay.

Extra: Wednesday next week, on the 7th of march, NFK and the HIW together organize the Saint-Thomas celebrationAll philosophy classes after 2pm will be suspended to give students the opportunity to  participate among others in a mass, a lecture by prof. Jean-Paul van Bendeghem and a cheese- and wine evening.  You can find more information on the facebookpage or on flyers distributed throughout the faculty.

So this was NFKickassactivities for this week, filled with unexpected activities as you can see. If there are no unexpected turns, you will be able to enjoy another piece of writing next week. Hopefully until then!