Cafféine Break

Our weekly build-up of energy by serving you tea and coffee and spoonfuls of NFK-happiness and -love. And yes, all we need is you and coffee. (And tea. Some people prefer tea. Weird people.)

Wednesday, 2.30pm. There will be coffee. There will be people (if you come). There will be sunshine and nice talking, preferably nothing philosophical. Take a break. Come to the lounge.

We also have an alternative Hans-text, for amateurs of his writing. Meaning all of you, of course.

Dearest foreigners,

We hope the absence of a Coffee Break last week didn’t worry you too much. Despite the massive turnout last time, you haven’t broken the Coffee Break. We merely needed a week to reflect on the name.
It was inappropriate, and even offensive to discriminate against such an important group of students. In no way did we mean to imply that tea drinkers are inferior to coffee drinkers. They might have been born that way; perhaps they physically can’t handle the bitter delight of that black liquid. So to show our appreciation for those tea drinking folk, we have renamed our weekly get-together the Caffeine Break.
As ever (from now on anyway), Wednesday from 2h30 in our beloved Lounge.

We hope to see you then
(and please, no more tea-related hatemail)

Your loyal