wegwijzer 2-10-2017

Greetings, philosophers! This is the WegWijzer, a weekly leaflet where we announce and explain all activities organized by or related to NFK. You can always find additional information about events on www.facebook.com/nfkleuven. We will try to hang the WegWijzer in the lounge, the notice board in the income hall and the secretariat of the HIW each week as early as possible. We hope to see you soon at one of our activities.

Because some of us will meet their philosophy godfather/godmother/godson/goddaughter this week, the theme of this week’s WegWijzer will be the legendary film The Godfather. On second thought, this film isn’t about the heartwarming relationship between a godfather and his godson but we’ll try to make the best of it.

For ages NFK has had its own paper called “de Wijzer” (not to be confused with the WegWijzer) for everyone who knows how to appreciate a piece of quality journalism every now and then.  Do you wish to write articles yourself, do you have ideas or would you like to help out in another way? If your answer is yes, you can come to the open editorial meeting on Monday 1pm in room N (01.14) of the HIW. You probably won’t write revolutionary movie classics like Puzo, but maybe you’ll be able to write something a little more ambitious than a weekly update about the agenda.

Tuesday, there is an infosession for all newcomers about the ISP (Indivual Study Program) and IER (Individual exam schedule).  Aside from the last abbreviation not making sense in English, you might be confused or have questions about more things. If that is the case, you can come to the lounge  in the basement of the HIW between 10am and 2pm with all your questions, where some more experienced people will help you out. There will be laptops, but we recommend bringing your own if that is possible in order to minimize waiting in case there are a lot of people. Tuesday evening, the godfathers and godmothers will meet their godsons and goddaughters. This will happen during a suspenseful  yet nearly harmless  search throughout Leuven, which will end in the M-café. This activity will start at 9pm. People who registered will receive more information by email.

We will organize no activities for Wednesday but LOKO will: for all students who don’t feel welcome enough yet – and also for all students who simply like to party – they will organize a student welcome, this time at the Ladeuzeplein starting at 3pm and lasting until the early hours.  LOKO will provide you with food, drinks and useful information, so be sure to come!

Like tradition prescribes, once the games have passed you can come consume bread together with other philosophy students in the student lounge under the HIW from 12am until 2pm on Friday. For 1,5 euro you can consume all the bread and related foods at the breadmeal. Definitely an offer you can’t refuse!

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