NFK Christmas Dinner

The merriest holiday of the year is almost there! NFK is happy to invite you all on a Christmas dinner. Every student, professor, alumnus/-a and other associate of the faculty is welcome to join us on this grand day.

The reception starts at 5PM and is immediately followed by the dinner itself. It takes place at the Don Bosco Centrum in Kessel-Lo, Ortolanenstraat 6.

It’s only 20 minutes by foot or 8 minutes by bike from the station in Leuven. You can take bus number 3 that leaves every 15 minutes on platform 7. When you get off at Halte Kessel-Lo Prins Regentlaan, you have to walk 300 metres to reach the location.

The price is 12 euro for students and 15 euro for professors.
Register here:
The places are limited so don’t hesitate! The registrations end on the 4th of December.

Before the dinner, at 4PM there will be a Vigil at the Leo XIII Chapel with a beautiful performance by the HIW Choir.

We hope to see you there and wish you already a Merry Christmas!

NFKickassactivities 25/11/2019

Monday 25/11

16:00 – 18:00 Medicalization of Female Sexual Desire

HIW Kardinaal Mercierzaal

You’re all welcome on this lecture given by Jacob Stegenga from the University of Cambridge. Medicalization of Female Sexual Desire fits in the serie ‘Understanding health beyond the medical gaze’.

Medicalisation is a social phenomenon in which conditions that were once under legal, religious, personal or other jurisdictions are brought into the domain of medical authority. Low sexual desire in females has been medicalised, pathologised as a disease, and intervened upon with a range of pharmaceuticals. There are two polarised positions on the medicalisation of low female sexual desire: I call these the mainstream view and the critical view. In the full version of the paper I assess important arguments from both positions; here I focus on the arguments for the critical view. Dividing the two positions are opposing models of the aetiology of low female sexual desire. I conclude by suggesting that the balance of arguments supports a modest defence of the critical view regarding the medicalisation of low female sexual desire.

For more information and registration contact


Tuesday 26/11

21:00 – 00:00 Fakbar

Definitely come to our weekly fakbarevening at the Lounge!


Friday 29/11  

12:00 – 14:00 Breadmeal

Definitely come to our weekly breadmeal in the Lounge where you can eat as much as you want for only €1,50 if you do your dishes (Otherwise its €2,50 because you don’t get €1 back)