Online Better Together Sessions

Upcoming Online Better Together sessions

  • Informal and low-threshold group sessions on Zoom
  • Moderated by PhD students and postdocs at the HIW
  • English, but every student is welcome


1) The Phenomenology of Belgian Spirit, 4 Nov (4 – 5 PM) by Simon Truwant

Zoom link

Meeting ID: 858 0146 1248
Passcode: 1vXUJt


2) Thinking Through the Corona Crisis: Philosophers’ opinion pieces about the pandemic, 5 Nov (4.30 – 5.30 PM) by Tim Christiaens

Zoom link

Discussed article


3) A Poem for Your Thoughts, 11 Nov (10 – 11 AM) by Dashan Xu

Zoom link

Meeting ID: 171 607 776

Passcode: 020232


4) Overcoming Labels: Phenomenology, Psychiatry, and Literature in Dialogue, 12 Nov (5 – 6 PM) by Valeria Bizzarri

Zoom link

ID meeting: 365 340 3323
Passcode: pLX3cr

buddy Social Evening

Hi there, philosophy first-years and older student buddies! It’s time to get to know each other. On Nov, 3 we’ll have a lowkey, fun and cosy social evening on our NFK Discord ( where alle first-years have the chance to talk to their buddies (and other philosophy students being around on Discord). Don’t miss this opportunity! In these times of being isolated a lot, it’s nice to be able to rely on a buddy and to become friends with other students through our Discord. Hope to see you there!