NFKickassactivities 16/12/2019

Monday 16/12

12:00 – 16:00 NFCapitalism: Hot Chocolate Sale

Entrance Hall of the HIW

Nothing better to warm your soul in this cold season than some hot chocolate! Make sure to stop by at the institute for some sweet deliciousness!


Tuesday 17/12

21:00 – 00:00 NFKlubnight

NFK Lounge

It is the last week of the semester and the last Fakbar of the semester comes with it. Why not end it with a bang? After the success of the last one, NFK brings back another NFKlubNight. Our very own philosophy DJ duo ‘Frisbee’ takes on the turntable once more. So, let go of all the exam stress for one night and join us for one last party this semester before the gloomy exam season ahead.

We hope to see you there!

Team Fakbar


Wednesday 18/12

20:00 – 23:00 International Movienight: Abel

HIW, Room S 01.14

Welcome all to the final installment (of this semester) of NFK International Movie Nights! This evening we will be watching ‘Abel’ by Alex van Warmerdam.

Alex van Warmerdam is a prolific Dutch film- and theatremaker, painter, writer, poet and musician. His debut film ‘Abel’ was written and directed by van Warmerdam and also has him playing the main role of Abel, a thirty-something shut-in who lives with his parents and doesn’t want more out of life than to cut a fly in half and watch some tv with his mother. The movie is a uniquely tragi-comical tale of (sur)real family dynamics, love, lies and confusion.

After the movie there will be time to discuss the movie. This discussion will start with a philosophical reflection on the movie by Jelger Groeneveld.

Thursday 19/12

19:45 – 23:00 NFK Culture goes to Inuït presents: Poppel + Lapis Lazuli

Join us to go to a free concert together!
Inuït presents: Poppel + Lapis Lazuli

Poppel and Lapis Lazuli are two Belgian bands. The music of the first is influenced by shoegaze, janglepop and lo-fi dream pop. The second one plays Indierock.

Do you want to have a great night with friends while listening to some awesome music?

We meet at 7:45PM at the institute, the concert starts at 8PM in Leuven Central.

See you then!