NFKickassactivities 03/12/18

Welcome dear readers to this week’s leaflet from NFK with all our activities for the coming week. This week’s theme is: Rainfall on other planets

Monday 03/12

We will organise no activities on this day 🙁

Tuesday 04/12

21:00- …. Fakbar
The ideal place to consume some alcohol and to hang out and socialize with people in our cozy fakbar @M-Café

Fun fact: According to some findings, diamond rain falls on Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter, but Saturn may have the best conditions for this. The intense lightning storms of Saturn (10 strikes per second!) Can cause the methane molecules to break up in the atmosphere, causing the carbon atoms to float freely and fall to the ground. They transform into graphite as they travel through the dense, layered atmosphere of Saturn and eventually come under pressure and transform into small diamonds (most are less than a millimeter in diameter).

Wednesday 05/12

16:00-18:00 Open Education Meeting
If you want some input on the educational policies at the HIW be sure to come by @HIW, room S

Fun fact: Don’t really care about diamonds? Go to Venus for very hot sulfuric acid rain. The atmosphere of Venus is full of sulfuric acid clouds, but because the surface of the planet floats at 480 degrees Celsius, the rain only rises about 25 kilometers before it becomes a gas.

20:00-00:00 Sinterklaascantus

Cantus with sinterklaas songs, and the only real Sinterklaas comes along of course. The price is € 13 for members (everyone who studies philosophy is automatically a member), € 15 for non-members, or € 5 if you want to cantus on water. You can register in the fakbar or at the cash register at the cantus itself. Starts at 20:30 @ Rumba & Co

Fun Fact: The outer-solar planet OGLE-TR-56b in the constellation of Sagittarius is believed to have iron rain.

Thursday 06/12

13:30-22:00 Weltschmerz: Movies in the lounge
Need a day of doing nothing after our cantus? We are going to play (Christmas) movies all day in the lounge! Suggestions for films are always welcome. Be sure to bring your blanket and snacks with you!

Fun Fact: On Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, there are icy methane storms. Just as the earth has a water cycle, Titan has a methane cycle: there are seasonal rains, the methane rains fill up lakes, the lakes eventually evaporate and the vapor rises in the clouds, so that the whole thing starts again. Methane is in liquid form on Titan because the surface temperature is extremely cold: minus 179 degrees Celsius.

Friday 07/12

12:00-14:00 Breadmeal
Come consume some bread and cheese and other food stuff in the lounge of the HIW for only €1,5. Fun fact: There is liquid helium rain on Jupiter and pure plasma rain on the sun.