Fakbar MALZ

Dear NFKomrades, philosophy lovers, and other citizens we hold dear,
The Philosophy students have been without an official Fakbar for almost three
gloomy years. Our brains became overworked and exhausted from all the exquisite
thinking labor we had to perform at the university and our stomachs became
tormented by the lack of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in our lives. Like
usually NFK is here to lift the friendly morale so don’t tremble in fear for the upcoming
academic year!
We are delighted to announce that the long search for a Fakbar has finally come to
an end. Our brand-new weekly Fakbar at Café MALZ on the Brusselsestraat, located
in the center of our beloved Leuven, will take place on Monday from now on. MALZ is
a total experience around craft beer. It is an accessible place where everyone feels
at home. The owner wants to achieve this by creating a very open atmosphere and
by focusing on personal contact. https://www.malz.be/
So don’t be shy and come take a look! We will be serving you drinks with great
pleasure. Make friends, have fun in abundance and philosophize when necessary on
this low-key café experience. See you there!