Battle of the students

A Strava competition between the various colleges and universities, including a competition between the student unions.

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What is it? 

A Strava competition on different levels:

  1. Between all colleges and universities in Flanders
  2. Between all student unions in Flanders
  3. Between all student unions within your own region

The purpose of the challenge is to collect as many kilometres as possible for Runner’s High.


  • You can already become a member of our Strava club!

It’s important that you’re only a member of one Strava club

  • Start: 22 March – You can also join later.
  • End: 4 April

Find out how you can participate:

Step 1: Download the Strava app

Step 2: Create a profile and find Runners’ High in the clubs. Note: there is both a running and cycling club & you can join both.

Step 3: Join this club and make sure your profile is public

Step 3: Track all your activities like walking running or cycling with Strava and don’t forget the #BOTS.

Step 4: Done, all your activities go to the right club & you contribute to the kilometres of Runner’s High

Step 5: Follow everything on