NFKickassactivities 26-03-2018

Greetings, dear reader! Hopefully you are ready for the unique and wonderful NFKickasseggtivities-eggsperience. I would like to introduce you to this eggsperience with a fun fact: the upcoming Sunday is Easter. That fact was fun, right?  I could of course write this NFKickasseggtivities about Easter.  But wouldn’t that be a bit too obvious?  Besides, I don’t want to stain the holiness of this Catholic celebration with the written word, insofar I haven’t done that already.  Instead, I will enlighten you with the knowledge about a topic I personally associate with Easter (and also – mostly – with my breakfast): eggs.  Those who believe that it shows a legg (lack) of inspiration or good taste to write about what one frequently has for breggfast (breakfast), obviously don’t know me very well yet!

Monday there are no activities planned.  This is because a lot of you might start their week eggshausted (exhausted)  due to the culture trip to Leipzig this weekend. We don’t want to deny those their rest.  But even for those who didn’t come along on the culture trip, Monday morning is rarely a moment to look forward to. Do you share that sentiment? Than I have the perfect solution for you: start your day by consuming one or more eggs for breakfast! Personally I recommend chicken eggs due to their price and culinary versatility.  An average egg contains about 8 grams of protein, 7 grams of fat and almost no carbs. That makes eggs a very good breakfast for people trying to lose weight. The high protein content kicks your metabolism into a higher gear and makes you feel full, while the lack of carbohydrates forces your body to use its fat reserves for energy.  Furthermore, eggs are a great source of zinc, vitamin A and B12, and they’re one of the most eggficient (efficient) sources of choline, a food that has been shown to have a beneficial impact on the memory.

Just like every week, there is a fakbar on Tuesday starting on 9pm at the M-café.  On top of the regular fun you might encounter during our weekly fakbar, there will also be the preseleggtions for the interfacultary beerpong tournament. A small competition will select the two best teams who can represent NFK at this tournament, for which NFK will pay the entrance fee. The preselections will start at 10.30pm and the entrance fee is 7 euro.  There are still some spots left for those who want to participate. You can find the link to the reggistration list on the facebookpage of the event.

Wednesday and Thursday there will be no activities, so I will use the space I would otherwise use to describe these activities to debunk a common misconception about eggs. Back in the sixties, it was thought that eggs were bad for your liver because one egg yolk contained about 2/3 of the daily recommended cholesterol intake. However, research has now shown that there is no clear correlation between a high egg consumption (up to three whole eggs a day) and a raised level of LDL (LDL is short for Low Density Lipoprotein or “bad cholesterol”), and can even lead to a higher level of HDL (High Density Lipoprotein or “good cholesterol”, which decreases risk of heart- and vascular disease, contrary to LDL).

Friday there will be a special breadmeal to celebrate the day Our Good Lord Jesus Christ was raised from the dead. The end of your week is guaranteed to taste eggcellent (excellent).

Extra: Saturday the 31st of March the Philosophy Celebration will take place. The opening lecture, titled The Affects of Democracy, will be given in English by prof. Chantal Mouffe at 1.30pm in theater 30cc.  Afterwards there will be several lectures and panel discussions of a philosophical nature, although most of those will be in Dutch. A day ticket costs 12 euro for all students, and 9 euro for those who have a culture card.

So, we have finally reached the end of this NFKickasseggtivities. Hopefully you will have a good week! See you next time!