NFKickassactivities 06/04/2020

Even or definitely in these corona times, the institute and NFK are here for you with all sorts of activities.


Monday 06/04

3:30 PM – 4:15 PM Online Better Together Group Meeting

Hosted by Daniel Tkatch (English): Did Lockdown Make Us Slow Down? Sharing Experiences from Self-isolation(s)

More information on Toledo: HIW Community: Facing the Corona Crisis Together


Tuesday 07/04

9PM Digital NFaKbar

Even though the weekly fakbar has been discontinued due to some unfortunate circumstances it does not need to be the end of it. Come join us at our discord server ( to socialize and have a drink at our digital fakbar. Drinking is never mandatory but if you want to, don’t forget to bring some to your phone/laptop/pc.


Wednesday 08/04

10:30 AM – 11:15 AM Online Better Together Group Meeting

Hosted by Eleonora Mingarelli (English)

More information on Toledo: HIW Community: Facing the Corona Crisis Together


6PM Autism, Synchronicity and a Drink (Online Seminar)

You might have heard of Autism Spectrum Disorder, yet still wondered what it truly means… you’re about to find out. NFK is glad to present “Autism, Synchronicity, and a Drink.” The central theme: sensitising ourselves to Autism. We’ll look at Autism Spectrum Disorder from both philosophical and social angles.

A discussion topic is selected from the list of proposed topics/chapters/movies/ideas offered by group members. This topic will facilitate the share of ideas, insights, doubts, concerns, debates, and joys.

Link to the Facebook group:

Link to the Discord:


Thursday 09/04

12:00 PM – 12:30 PM Mindfulness Session (Saskia de Jager)

All students, PhD students, and postdocs are kindly invited to join an introductory mindfulness session (30 minutes) on Zoom. The session will be conducted by Saskia de Jager (psychologist ) who has ample experience as a mindfulness trainer. The session will consist of a short introduction, an excercise, and some time for questions. Karin de Boer will host the session.

Mindfulness is the natural ability to give attention to whatever occurs from moment to moment: to the field of sensory perception, and parallel to this, to our inner response to it, which has a physical, an affective and a mental side. Mindfulness training allows us to optimize this natural ability for open and concentrated attention and might help reduce stress.
Meeting ID: 632 339 397
Password: 053703

More information on Toledo: HIW Community: Facing the Corona Crisis Together, in the folder ‘Mindfulness Sessions’


Friday 10/04

10:30 AM – 11:15 AM Online better together Group Meeting

Hosted by Dashan Xu (English)

More information on Toledo: HIW Community: Facing the Corona Crisis Together


27th – 30th of April: NFK Open Expo (Online Exhibition)

Have you been spending the lockdown light working on your art? Want to show it to the world? NFK brings you the online open expo! Philosophy students can exhibit their own art (all kinds) in a virtual art gallery. Everyone is welcome on April 27th at 19h to attend our Opening Evening, the 28th our Poetry Night and the 29th our Music Night, all live on Facebook. You’ll be able to admire the art for three days in the comfort of your homes.

Send your art, poetry or music performance to!

OPENING EVENING: 27th of April, 19h
POETRY NIGHT: 28th of April
MUSIC NIGHT: 29th of April
OPENING DAYS: 27th-30th April