NFKickassactivities 04/03/19

Welcome back again dear readers to this week’s leaflet for the fourth week of the new semester. Tip (s) of the week: Do not eat too many waffles in one go, know when to give up when you are losing a drinking game, and do not try to lose all your touch with reality.

Monday 04/03

We will organise no activities on this day 🙁

Tuesday  05/03

21:00- …. First year-First served Fakbar
Come and have a drink in our fakbar with your friends. The ideal place for profound philosophical conversations. If you’re a first year student you can get one free drink this fakbar, 1 nfkara beer or 1 cola.

Wednesday 06/03

21:00-…… Pubcrawl!
Predrinks in the lounge (@HIW) with beer for €1, cara for €0,50 and a big bottle of NFKara for €6 (your own drinks are allowed as well, feel free to do this). Afterwards we’ll go to Universum, Stapletons and Belge. Bring your friends. Save water, drink beer!

Thursday 07/03

22:00-00:00 Movie Night: Moonlight
The theme of the next edition of the Wijzer is ‘SEXUALITY’. In order to get excited and ‘hyped’ one week before the release date, Team Culture and Team De Wijzer are pairing up to host a movie night dedicated to this theme. 

Friday 08/03

12:00-14:00 Breadmeal
Come consume some bread and cheese and other food stuff in the lounge of the HIW for only €1,5.