Newsletter 15-05-2017

Dear philosophers, time flies! This is the last NFKalendar of this academic year already. With pain in our hearts, we tell you what’s on the schedule for the last time. For each activity you find an exam-related song to prepare you already…

On Tuesday, we hope to see you in the fakbar! It’s the inauguration fakbar. The triumvirate passes on the leadership to the heroes who’ll take care of us next year! It’s the last fakbar of this year, so be there from 21:00 onwards, there will also be a free drink on the new team!

Listen to Jimmy Wahlsteen’s ‘Shifts of attention’. We hope for you you can shift your mind to only one thing: studying… Good luck!

On Thursday, Ph.D. Stine Kaasgaard from Denmark will give a lecture titled: ‘Kierkegaard: out of many one — or does the plural remain?’ Kierkegaard may be known for his plurality of voices, and with them the question stands forth: must these many voices be understood as one breath of does the multiplicity of pronunciation remain even with the most arduous attempt at finding singularity? It also discusses the question of the possibility of unanimity when philosophy finds itself posed in existence, and as such always on the verge of being lost.

This song can be very useful during the exams. It’ll give you mental support to sing along to ‘I don’t want to die’ by Ryan Power.

Friday, it’s time for the bread meal. You know the formula: €1,5, all you can eat (but know your own limits), lounge.

Eventually we’ll be released again! Eventually it’ll be totally correct to listen to ‘I shall be released’ by The Band. But don’t hesitate to put it on already, longing for the end…


There will be no fakbar and no bread meal the last week of our courses (22/05-26/05).

Evaluate your education! Are you finishing your studies? Give the HIW your opinion on the programmes! Fill in the question form sent to you by prof. Heysse (or prof. Friedman) and make us happy. The next generation will be grateful! And… when te respons is unprecedented high, we could maybe, who knows, ask prof. Heysse (or prof. Friedman) to get us some drinks at the fakbar on him. [hint, hint]