Wegwijzer 30-10-2017

Good day dear reader, and once again welcome to the WegWijzer. This week is the week of the Christian holidays All Saints and All Souls. That means we remember those who died (not all of them of course, that would require more than two days) and maybe even pay a visit to the graveyard. Coincidentally, this is also the week of Halloween. That means among other things that this WegWijzer will be about pumpkins, because when who thinks about Halloween, thinks about pumpkins.  For those who are in a total state of confusion right now: the pumpkin is a crop originating from Central- and South-America, and is just like the carrot characterized by its orange colour which is derived from the large quantities of beta carotene.

Monday, there are no activities planned. So you can spend some time carving faces in pumpkins, a tradition stemming from the celebration of harvest season  in the US (so not copied from the Mexican Dia de los muertos).

Make sure to pay a visit to the M-café on Tuesday, because it’s Halloweenfak. We start at 9pm. Dressing up is accepted and even encouraged. You can get face painting from 9h30 until 11pm.  If you’re not attracted by the great atmosphere, you can always come for the free snacks and famous discounts you get when you buy a fakcard.

By the way: here’s a nice trick to know if your pumpkin is edible: if your pumpkin looks more or less round, orange and unsuspicious it’s probably safe to cut it open en use the content for all culinary purposes you can imagine. Whether or not the content of the pumpkin is edible when said pumpkin turned out  to be hollow after cutting it open, is still a heavily debated topic in today’s analytic philosophy.  If your pumpkin is green and more or less cylindrical, you might be holding a zucchini or a can of nalu.

Wednessday NFK goes discoswimming from 8pm until 10pm in the Sportoase. There will be gathered at quarter to seven at the HIW, after which we’ll walk to the sportoase together. The price will be communicated later. Don’t forget your swimming clothes!

Thursday, NFK will play two basketball games for the Interfacultary trophy.  These will take place at KBC Unit C of the University Sports Centre. The women’s game will start at 7pm, the men’s game at 9pm. Both supporters and players are more than welcome. Those who want to play should be at least 15 minutes early to register and warm up.

Some quick facts about pumpkins for the fans: the heaviest known pumpkin ever weighed about 1190kg and up until 2015 the famous pumpkin spice latte from starbucks  did not contain actual pumpkin.

Friday, you can still come to the lounge for the breadmeal from 12pm until 2pm. You can still eat all you want for one and a half euro.

That was it. Have a nice day and until a next WegWijzer, my dearest reader.