Wegwijzer 23-10-2017

Hello there dear readers, be welcomed to this short WegWijzer. De missing theme of this week can be read in between the lines in a non-figurative way.


Monday we don’t organise anything, though it is recommended to go to bed in time and get enough sleep.


Because on Tuesday 8pm the 24 hour run will commence! Last year we supported the Run For Specials team, this year NFK makes a comeback together with all the Letterenkringen, Katechetika and the Pedagogische Kring, together called the ‘Underdogs’! Until 8pm on Wednesday, we will try to run as many laps as we can, so whether it is to run, cheer or enjoy the delicious food, make sure to come to the University Sports Centre and join the biggest student sports event in Leuven! (for a map: www.24urenloop.be). Because of the 24 hour run, there will be no fakbar, so no excuses not to come and strengthen our team!


Thursday we organise our “Weltschmerz” activity for all who feel exhausted because of the 24 hour run and feel like watching movies all day. Well that’s exactly what we’re going to do! From 9am to 10pm in the Lounge of the HIW, there will be a big screen to watch movies, crisps and drinks, and a lot of cosiness! You can simply drop by and leave whenever you want, all for free, so make sure to come! (small voluntary donation possible)


Friday we have our weekly breadmeal. From 12pm to 14pm, you can come to the Lounge and enjoy all the sandwiches you can eat for the mere price of one and a half euros. Last week there were quite a lot of people which resulted in a very cosy atmosphere, more of that!


See you!