wegwijzer 20-11-2017

Greetings, dear reader, and welcome to this WegWijzer. Because NFK will organize a Rap God party together with Babylon (the student organization of the language programmes) and Katechetika (the organization for Theology students), the theme of this WegWijzer will be the one true rap god. I’m not talking about Eminem, lil pump or tupac here, but about Brandon Christopher McCarthy aka lil B aka TheBasedGod. I can already hear the questions about why this young lad from Berkeley, CA is the one and only rap god. To such questions I can give an easy answer:  It says so in his nickname and his instagram bio. Of course he does not claim he is the only one of his caliber, but as Stefaan “The oracle of the HIW” Cuypers once said while teaching his followers the dark arts of Philosophy of Mind: “There is only one true God.”

Anyways, Monday the Rap God TD take place in fuifzaal Albatros from 22pm until approximately 5am. The income price will be 2 euro for all members of NFK and 3 euro for all non-members. Cheap drinks and good hiphop-music – whether or not by the hands of musical mastermind lil B – should be enough to convince everyone to come!

On Tuesday evening you are like always welcome in the M-café for our weekly fakbar. It’s guaranteed that we will play some more known hymns from the work of the Mozart of the internet age (lil B) later on in the evening.

Just like Mozart, lil B is among other things known for the impressive size of his collected work. At this point, TheBasedGod has published 49 mixtapes (of which one contains over 100 songs, most of them very ‘Rare’ and/or ‘Based’) , 10 studio albums and a book. He also regularly visits prominent universities as a motivational speaker to promote his ‘Based’ lifestyle.  According to lil B, ‘Based’ stands for a positive and tolerant attitude towards life.  Here is a little more proof that lil B is the one true rap god: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZG6zsHUCum4. (Please do  not add this link to the printed version because that would be a little bit weird.)

On Wednesday we organize Acousticia, a concert in Pangea (Campus Social Sciences). No hiphop this time (So dress appropriately please, you little rascals! The dresscode is ‘fancy’) but the British talent Saskia GM, together with Jack Cookson. We will start at 8pm.

Thurday afternoon from 3 until 9pm there’s TEA-time at the HIW. Sadly, TEA stands for Throwback to your Erasmus or time Abroad, and does not signify that you will get free tea. Sike! There will be free tea.  Did you spend a time studying in another university?  Don’t hesitate to tell us about it and to say what they did that’s different or better than the HIW and the KU Leuven. There will be free food for those that are only willing to give their opinion if they get a little extra motivation.

To good practice, there will be the breadmeal on Friday in the lounge from 12 until 2pm.  As lil B would say: “I Cook”.

So, that was the WegWijzer for this week.  Goodbye, and until next time!