wegwijzer 16-10-2017

Greetings, reader! Please be welcome to this WegWijzer, of which the theme will be “fire”. That’s because it’s just very fun to start into a fire, just like it’s very fun to read the WegWijzer. For those who do not know what fire is: it is the name we give to relatively fast exothermic oxidation reactions. In most cases that means the burning of organic material, where carbon based molecules are, through addition of oxygen (and usually a catalyst)  transformed into CO2 (at least if you do it right), heat and light.

On Monday, there’s nothing to do except for going to your classes. If this lack of activities leaves you with a gaping sense of emptiness, you can always inform yourself about the safety- and environmental prescriptions with regards to making fire.  Better safe than sorry!

Speaking of the importance of fire safety, did you know the deadliest fire in the history of mankind is either the fire of the Iglesia de la Compana de Jesus in Santiago, Chile from 8 december 1863 with casualties between 2000 and 3000 people or the fire of the Salang mountain pass, which happened on 3 december 1982 in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan and had an estimated 2700 casualties.  The most cozy fire in history on the other hand is definitely the camp fire of the NFK welcoming weekend.

Speaking of coziness, the fakbar is as usual on Tuesday in the M-café from 9pm. Those who are interested in theater can come to the meeting for the NFK-play on 10pm at the first floor of the fakbar.  Whether the final result will be a tragedy or a farce, we cannot say.

A fun fact for those who like me wonder whether the state of fire is gaseous or plasma: fire cannot have a material state because it’s the name of a chemical reaction and not of a substance. But the flame of that fire can be both a gas or plasma depending on the temperature. The top three of hottest flames known to humankind right now is as following: on three there’s the flame of cyanogens, which can reach almost 4800 degrees Kelvin. The second place is for dicyanoacetylene, which can burn at 5260K in oxygen, and even higher in ozone. On number one, we have my mixtape.

There are no activities on Wednesday  or Thursday.

Friday, there’s of course the breadmeal in the lounge from 12am until 2pm. Long live dependability!

Until next week, dear readers!