Wegwijzer 09-10-2017

Greetings, philosophers and sympathizers, and welcome to this WegWijzer. This week’s theme was arbitrarily chosen by my beautiful yet unknowing assistant. As a consequence, we will talk about the pterodactylus antiques, better known as simply “pterodactylus”. The pterodactylus was a pterosaurian that supposedly lived during the late Jura. The name “pterodactylus” was given by Georges Cuvier in 1809. That is much later than when the last pterodactylus died out, so we will probably never know how they felt as a species about that name.

On Monday, NFK organizes nothing. That means you’re free to spend your time doing other useful things like: studying paleontology, watching funny cat videos or pondering the fact that the pterodactylus had  middle hand bones, just like humans. The options to choose from are endless. You could also register for a Chinese Philosophy reading group, organized by two PhD students. The studied texts will be taken from “ A sourcebook in Chinese philosophy” from 1969.  There is no previous knowledge required. If you’re interested or have questions, you can send an email to Dashan.Xu@student.kuleuven.be .  Time and place will follow.

Tuesday evening you can go to the Fakparty  in the M-café from 9pm. Just like every Tuesday, you will have the opportunity to discuss the meaning of life or your favourite extinct flying reptile species.  But those who would rather go wild on the tunes of local DJ-talents Toine and Sigi, can do so on the first floor of the bar, which has been specially prepped for this party.

Fun fact: originally, there were thought to be over 105 species of the genus Pterodactylus.  Later, humans realized there was no reason to separate these bad boys and started fusing certain types. Today there’s only one recognized species: the Pterodactylus antiquus.

Wednesday evening, our culture team organizes a movie night. Connoisseurs  of the moving picture may gather at 9pm in front of aula C (room 00.16) of the HIW.  We won’t be watching a documentary on the Jura age, but “The skin I live in” by Pedro Almodóvar. A small voluntary contribution is always welcome, but the activity is entirely free.

Thursday, both sports fans and bookworms can enjoy themselves at the quidditchtournament, starting at 2pm at the HIW.  All necessary equipment will be supplied, so you don’t need to bring anything.  Sadly, flying will not be allowed due to gravity, neither on a broomstick, nor on a pterodactyl. Because, despite what movies might tell you, the pterodactyl was far from large. A wingspan around one meter is believed to be an accurate estimate. Doesn’t it seem like an ideal pet?

Friday noon, you can come to the breadmeal in the lounge from 12am until 14pm as usual. The price has stayed 1,5 euros. There are still certainties in life.

In the weekend, NFK organizes a welcoming weekend for everyone who’s new to the HIW and wants to get to know his colleagues a bit better. This will happen in Laan op Vurten 61, 3581 Beringen, but we will also gather in Leuven.  More information will follow by email. It’s recommended you bring  sleeping gear, cutlery and the necessary clothes. You can still register or undo your registration until Wednesday  the 11th of October.

With kind regards and peace!