Valentine’s Day

// As Valentine’s day approaches, team Social is offering you the chance to anonymously (or not!) confess your admiration for that one girl in the Aula, or the cute guy in the library, or even just your best friends.
On Monday 14th February, we’ll set up a booth in the entrance hall of the HIW, and hand deliver flowers to your crushes!!
Fill in the form below, and we’ll send our kupidos to work straight away at picking the best carnations of the bunch!
It can be done anonymously, or you can leave a little note for your valentine with a poem or a riddle or even a funny joke.
And for those who are lucky enough to be receiving a Valentine, make sure you check in with us and we’ll get your flower to you! If not, we’ll chase you down with our little wings to deliver your carnations. You can also collect your flowers at the fakbar, who knows your secret admirer might even be drinking a stouterik there!

CARNATIONS ARE 2 EUROS PER ENTRY, and can be paid by bank transfer, or cash to team social!

When? Monday 14th February

Where? Entrance hall to HIW