Praesidium 2013-2014


Next year we will be responsible for the course service. It’s going to be our quest to provide you with the texts and courses you’ll be craving for and by doing so, enlighten you. We will be the printers of the knowledge you have to master by the end of the next year. We are the cudi-buddies, Lore Brepoels and Hannes Van Engeland.


(Juliette de Wit)


Whether the glass is half full or half empty is a philosophical question. Whatever the answer may be, this party crew will fill yours up! Cheers!

(Joep Bronneberg, Koen Vangramberen, Mathilde Geysen)

Public Relations

We, Charlotte and Ellen, have the intention of greeting you weekly with these four words. Since we’re the candidates for pr, we are responsible for an enthousiastic briefing off all the fantastic activities that Ataraxia will plan for you.
This magical happening can only occur if you vote for us. So, come to our election week and decide for yourself if you want more!

(Ellen Turelinckx, Charlotte Fortems)


“We don’t need no education.” Even Pink Floyd sometimes makes mistakes. Education is what we share. We want to inform you about important decisions concerning our education. It’s our task to listen to you and to communicate with you.

(Marie Vanwingh)


This five star team –Ewoud De Sadeleer and Lorenzo Buti- takes hold of the function Sports and Games. We’re looking forward to show you the various awesome activities that we have in store for you. Next year we’re playing it big and aiming high, with our only goal being giving you activities you’ll never forget. With a focus on both sports and games we’re leaving nobody undisturbed, unaffected or untouched. Let everybody know that next year we mean business!

(Ewoud De Sadeleer, Lorenzo Butti)


‘This is the place where we will tell you to drink beer and you will like it. And drink it.’

(Katleen Pasgang, Vincent nijs)


Culture is what elevates man above the animals. Culture is an essential part of humanity and enriches it. Philosophers realise this better than anybody else and the function “culture” as part of the presidium has therefore always been a special one. This year, we will do our utmost best to fulfill this task as good as possible. You can definitly count on our full commitment, dedication and ambition. In fact, we’ll even try to uplift your cultural life to a point of which you’ll look back to with great nostalgia! As we don’t want to leave you in a stage of complete passivity, we’d like to all encourage you with the next quote:
One ought every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words.
~ Goethe

(Hannelore Verbelen, Christiaan Schoonenberg, Lalina Goddard)


Praeses: Roderik De Turck

Vicepraesides: Vincent De Weerdt, Elly Suys