NFKickassactivities 22/05/2018

Greetings, dear readers! Welcome to what is going to be the last NFKickassactivities of this year.  Oh, it’s almost making me sad. But how tragic would it be to end this year filled with friendship and joy on a sad note? Luckily I have kept my good mood from last week! Yours truly isn’t thrown off balance that easily. But how quick did this year pass (imagine what it might be like in a few years)?  Or at least that’s how I experienced it. That sounds like a nice theme to talk about this last time: time.  I can at least say one thing already about time: that I don’t have enough of it to write extensively about time.  And in the case you haven’t found the time to buy your courses yet, your time is also limited. The course service will still be open from 8pm until 10pm this Thursday, afterwards we will say goodbye to our CuDi-team. (sad)

There is nothing planned on Monday. That means you will have more than enough time to fill in the education questionnaire our education bureau has made to gather your input. You can find the one in English here: , and the one in Dutch here:  Don’t worry, it’ll only take a couple of minutes.

Tuesday the fakbar will open for the last time this academic year (very sad).  From 9pm you can have the exclusive fakbar-experience one last time at the M-café. But this will not be your regular fakbar. The last fakbar of this academic year will surely be a big party! First and foremost the artistic philosophy students among us will get a chance to showcase their talents, just like the open mic fakbar last semester. Furthermore, the symbolic transfer of power will take place during this fakbar. At 11pm the sitting government of NFK will hand over the symbolic hammer to the upcoming government. This definitely won’t be  a waste of time.

Wednesday at 12pm in Aula C there will be an infosession about the restructuring of the academic year and the reform of the bachelor programme. Do you have no idea what that means? Then by all means join us at the infosession. And don’t forget to fill in the questionnaire mentioned above. You can even earn free food with it.  From 12pm until 14pm there will be a barbecue at the HIW (with a vegetarian option), and everyone who has filled in the entire questionnaire can eat for free.

Thursday you can join us for a game of pool from 9.30pm at Pool- and Snookerbar Downtown Jack at the Parkstraat 40. It sure promises to be a nice time.

On Friday the last breadmeal of this academic year will take place.  From 12pm until 2pm you can come eat bread in the lounge one last time.  That will also be the last activity NFK has organized for you this year (very very sad).

So, this was the NFKickassactivities for this week. Hopefully I’ll see you again next w-… So, this was NFKickassactivities for this year.  It will be the last time our PR-team gives you an update. It was about time. We wish you all lots of luck with the finals and a very nice summer.  Goodbye, dear readers…