NFKickassactivities 25/03/19

Welcome back again dear readers to this week’s leaflet for the seventh week of the new semester. Tip of the week: Always read the most recent revieuws if you’re going to book a hotel.

Monday 25/03

We will organise no activities on this day 🙁

Tuesday  26/03

21:00- …. Fakbar
Come and have a drink in our fakbar with your friends. The ideal place for profound philosophical conversations.

Wednesday 27/03

We will organise no activities on this day 🙁

Thursday 28/03 

22:00-05:00 Brexit TD
Celebrate the Brexit (or just drink it away), if it happens of course… Who knows?! Whatever happens, there’s always a reason to party, so we’ll celebrate the night anyways! Entrance is completely free!!!

Friday 29/03 

12:00-14:00 Breadmeal
Come consume some bread and cheese and other food stuff in the lounge of the HIW for only €1,5.