NFKickassactivities 23/09/2019

Welcome to this first weekly leaflet of the year! It contains all the activities NFK organises. Please all come to the events of the startersweek. It will be really fun and the perfect opportunity to meet new people.

Dinsdag 24/09

21:00 Speed-Dating Fakbar 
Every Tuesday NFK has a fakbar-evening. This speed-date edition is a longstanding NFK tradition. It’s the best way to meet a lot of students in a very short time. Interesting conversations, nice people and an amazing evening are guaranteed!

Donderdag 26/09

20:00 Games Night
Had a hectic few days lately? Feel free to join us as we play some boardgames and chill together in the NFK Lounge. You can find the lounge downstairs at the Institute of Philosophy.

Friday 27/09 

11:00-14:00 Faculty lunch 
What better way to end the week than come together and have a feast? This free lunch will take place at the salons, that’s right after you enter the institute through the gate to the left.