NFKickassactivities 22/10/18

Welcome dear readers to this week’s leaflet with all our activities for the coming week . We actually have an activity on every day this week so make sure to come join one of them 🙂

Monday 22/10

21:00-22:30 Basketball Training
Play some basketball with us @KBC sportshall don’t forget your sportscard or daycard.

Tuesday 23/10

20:00-21:30 Football Training
Play some football with us @KBC sportshall don’t forget you sportscard or daycard.

21:00-…. Fakbar
Come and drink some beers and hang out with your friends in our cozy fakbar, like always @ M-Café

Wednesday 24/10

22:00-05:00 Creep it real TD
Our first real party of the year, It’s Halloween themed so you are free to dress up and decorate yourself as you wish. It’s free entrance! It’s located @ ’t Gewelf (beneath Barvista) and you can get 5 beverages for only €8!

Thursday 25/10

16:00-17:00 Open Education Meeting
Want to give some input on the educational policies at the HIW? Make sure to be present at this meeting @ HIW, Room S

Friday 26/10

12:00-14:00 Breadmeal
Come consume bread and other food stuff for only €1,5 @ HIW, Lounge