NFKickassactivities 19/11/18

Welcome dear readers to this week’s leaflet from NFK with all our activities for the coming week. This week’s theme was brought to you by 17 clicks on the random article button on wikipedia and is: Dendronotus Albus

Announcement: The new Wijzer is out and is available at various places @ the HIW

Monday 19/11

We will organise no activities on this day 🙁

Tuesday 20/11

21:00- …. Fakbar
The ideal place to consume some alcohol and to hang out and socialize with people.

Fun fact: Dendronotus albus is a species of sea slug, a dendronotid nudibranch, a shell-less marine gastropod mollusc in the family Dendronotidae.

Wednesday 21/11

16:00-18:00 Open Education Meeting

If you want some input on the educational policies at the HIW be sure to come by @HIW, room S

Fun fact: This species was described from shallow water at Point Pinos, Monterey Bay, California, United States. It has been reported from the west coast of North America from Alaska to Baja California, Mexico 21:00-… Beer and Billiards We are playing billiard @Downtown Jack from 9pm, so be sure to come if you like billiard or you can also just come for the ambianceFun Fact: This species grows to a maximum length of 73 mm

Thursday 22/11

19:30-21:30 NFK at Lezing Paul Moyaert 

(The lecture is only in Dutch :/ )

Friday 23/11

12:00-14:00 BreadmealCome consume some bread and cheese and other food stuff in the lounge of the HIW for only €1,5. Fun fact: This species prefers to feed on hydroids Abietinaria greenei, Hydrallmania distans and Abietinaria amphora. Dendronotus robilliardi would prefer Thuiaria argentea in the family Sertulariidae