NFKickassactivities 12/11/18

Welcome dear readers to this week’s leaflet from NFK with all our activities for the coming week. This week’s theme is: Saf! (Dutch slang for Cigarette)

Monday 12/11

We will organise no activities on this day 🙁

Tuesday 13/11

16:00-18:00 Brainstorm Increased Tuiton Fees
We organise a brainstorm session about the increased tuiton fees if u want to discuss this problem be sure not to miss this event @HIW, room S

Fun Fact: The cigarette probably originated in South America but became popular in Europe after the Crimean War (1854-1856). Soldiers brought cigarettes from Southeastern Europe and the Middle East to Western Europe.

20:00-21:30 Basketball Training
Come play some basketball with us @KBC Sportshall

Fun Fact: In 1880 the American James ‘Buck’ Duke invented the first cigarette machine. This one could produce 200 cigarettes per minute.

21:30-23:00 Football Training
If u want to train and play football with us be sure not to miss this training @KBC Sportshall

Fun Fact: American and British soldiers distributed cigarettes to the population during and after the First and Second World War. The cigarette was part of the soldier’s ration.

21:00- …. Chess Fakbar
The ideal place to consume some alcohol and to hang out and socialize with people. We will also organise a chess tournament which starts at 22:30 you will have to sign up beforehand at the fakbar.

Fun fact: A factory produced cigarette is made to accelerate the burning of tobacco.

Wednesday 14/11

20:00-00:00 Game Night
We will play some board games in the cozy lounge with some drinks you can buy, you are also allowed to bring your own board games, drinks and snacks @HIW, Lounge

Fun fact: The packs sold in Europe are resealable, in many other countries (including the United States), so-called soft packages are more common; in this case, the user must scratch the package open and can not close it afterwards.

Thursday 15/11

We will organise no activities on this day 🙁

Friday 16/11

12:00-14:00 Breadmeal
Come consume some bread and cheese and other food stuff in the lounge of the HIW for only €1,5.

Fun fact: A certain taste can be added to a cigarette, such as cocoa, vanilla or menthol.