NFKickassActivities 11-12-2017

Greetings, dear reader, and welcome this week’s NFKickassActivities. Because it snowed today, the theme of this week will be snow. For those who don’t know what snow is: snow is a name that’s used for precipitation in the form of small ice crystals. Alternatively, you can just open your curtains.

Monday evening is the NFK-Christmas party, a yearly tradition. We can’t know whether or not it will be a white Christmas. But with the snow the past day and the white walls of PAVO (Jules Vandenbemptlaan 2, 3001 Heverlee) where the dinner will be held, it promises to be a white NFK-Christmas party. It’s still possible to come if you pay 12 euro entrance. There will be a wake starting at 17h30 in the Sint-Lambertuschurch next to PAVO.  The reception starts at 6pm and at 7pm the dinner will commence.  Because of the Christmas dinner, the CuDi will be closed on Monday. Instead, it will be open on Tuesday on the same hours.

Tuesday evening will be the last Fakbar of the semester. In contrast with the theme of this week, this will be a very dark day for philosophers at the HIW.  To drown all that sadness, you’re still welcome one last time at the M-café from 9pm until the early hours. Because of Christmas, that apparently regularly falls around this time of the year, you will maybe be able to buy glühwein.

Wednesday and Thursday there’s absolutely nothing to do. This means you will have time in abundance to play in the snow. If the snow has already melted, you can also try to look for your study material under your bed, because the finals are coming closer.

Friday there is of course still the breadmeal in the lounge from 12 until 2pm, all you can eat for only 1,50 euro!

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So, that was NFKickassActivities for this week. Goodbye, dear reader, and hopefully until next time.