NFKickassactivities 11/10/2020

Welcome dear readers to the weekly NFK brochure with all our activities for the coming week. As you have already noticed, the coronavirus is sweeping across the country again and is spreading almost as quickly as Stan Van Samang’s nude photos. Both are regrettable events indicating a marked loss of taste in the masses. As a result of the flare-up, our brand-new government has decided to tighten the rules again. Of course, this whole situation makes it anything but easy to organize activities. For that reason, fakbar evenings, TDs, cantuses and lunch meals will have to wait a while. The CUDI, on the other hand, will be open and thus all our activities for the coming week have been announced.

Tuesday 13/10 (1-3pm)

Located in the basement of the HIW, our cozy course service is located where Robin and Marit have the pleasure of selling you your necessary courses from 1 pm to 3 pm. You can find out which courses you can find there and how much these sources of knowledge are worth on the NKF page. Do not forget to register via doodle so that we know when you will pick up your courses.

Wednesday 15/10 (5-7 pm)

Don’t worry if you couldn’t be there on Tuesday, because the course service is at your disposal again on Wednesday between 5pm and 7pm. Don’t forget to register via the doodle here.

So, that was this week’s NFKickassactivities. Hopefully see you next time!