NFKickassactivities 08/10/18

Welcome to this week’s leaflet dear readers. I will keep it fairly short for this week cause I’ve just quit smoking and my hands are literally shaking right now.

Monday 08/10

19:45-21:00 Basketball Session

In the first basketball sessions were everyone is welcome, beginners can get familiar with the basics, and advanced players can work on their skills. Important: everybody should have a sportscard or buy a 1 day card, and bring it.

KBC sportshall, Sportscentre Heverlee

Tuesday 09/10

21:00-….   Fakbar

It still exists.

Wednesday 10/10

20:00-01:00 God save the Queen cantus

God please save the poor Queen! Therefore, as a sign of our devotion to God and to the beloved Queen, we will spend an evening drinking and singing. If you would like to join us on this evening of godly and royal activities, please let us know by registration for this event; God will bless you!
Registration: here 

Thursday 11/10

We will organize no events on this day 🙁

Friday 12/10

12:00-14:00 Breadmeal

It still exists.