NFKickassactivities 05/11/18

Welcome dear readers to this week’s leaflet from NFK with all our activities for the coming week. This week’s theme got whispered to me during a nightly walk, by a cat and it is: cheese!

Monday 05/11

We will organise no activities on this day 🙁

Tuesday 06/11

20:00-22:00 Basketball Training
Come play some basketball with us @KBC Sportshall

Fun fact: The word cheese comes from Latin caseus

21:00- …. Fakbar
The ideal place to consume some alcohol and to hang out and socialize with people.

Fun fact: Cheese was discovered 6,000 years ago when nomads transported milk in pig and cow stomachs.

Wednesday 07/11

16:00-17:00 Open Education Meeting
If you want to participate in the education policy at the hiw be sure to not skip this meeting @HIW, room S

Fun fact: Ten liter’s of milk produces 1kg of cheese.

19:00-22:00 Disco Swimming
Always wanted to go swimming with cool lights and music? If yes then we meet at 9pm @Sportoase

Fun fact: Chymosine, an enzyme necessary for the preparation of cheese, is made in the abomasum of a calf that uses it to be able to digest breast milk.

Thursday 08/11

21:30-00:30 Movienight ‘Battle of Algiers’
Come watch a cool movie with us in one of the cozy aula’s at the HIW.

Fun fact: Willem Elsschot wrote the novel “Kaas”, about a cheese hater that started a cheese store. It is a book with many cheese neologisms.

Friday 09/11

12:00-14:00 Breadmeal
Come consume some bread and cheese and other food stuff in the lounge of the HIW for only €1,5.

Fun fact: being Chees/Cheesy is in Dutch street language another word for being under influence of drugs.