NFKickass Activities 27-11-2017

Greetings and welcome, dear readers of NFKickass Activities, which has been renamed as such.  Because this week will be relatively calm and because most stores and city boards have decided Christmas is near (even though the 25th of December is still almost a month away) , the theme of this week will be one we traditionally associate with a relaxed and cozy atmosphere, the Catholic church and keeping The Black Death at bay: candles. Perhaps a little explanation is in order: candles are usually cylindrical bars made of a wick – popularly ‘fuse’ – embedded in a flammable fatty substance such as paraffin or the remains of a sperm whale.  A candle is mostly used as a source of light, but has in the past also served as a means of keeping time. Anyways, the agenda.

On Monday, there is yet again a movie night. Gather before 10pm at aula C of the HIW for the movie ‘Dog Tooth’ by Yorgos Lanthimos, a tragicomic portrait of the ins and outs of a family with  very protective parents. There will be no candlelight due to the safety restrictions. Because candles can be pretty evil. Don’t be fooled by their soft and innocent appearance. They’re actually the 1st-5th most common cause for house fires, depending on what source you use,  even before indoor barbecues (Seriously, who thinks that’s a good idea?) and children.

Just like any Tuesday evening you can come to the fakbar at the M-café from 9pm. This week will be no regular fakbar though, but the famous Open Mic Fak where everyone can showcase their talent, musically or otherwise (as long as it does not contain anything illegal, dangerous or wildly inappropriate). We will make sure a piano, guitar, drum kit and microphone are there. You are however free to bring any other instruments and/or accessories at your own risk.

A little fun fact for the fans: Did you know that the flame of a candle is actually blue and perfectly spherical in a room without gravity. This is because the flame of a candle is actually the result of the oxidation of the gasses that are released when the fat is heated, and not by the burning of the fuse. So when there is no gravity, the hot air does not rise and the flame won’t reach upwards.

Wednesday and Thursday there are no activities.

On Friday there is, surprise surprise, breadmeal in the lounge from 12 until 2pm where you can eat all the bread and  you want while stock lasts for only 1,5 euro.

So, that was the NFKickass Activities – What do you think of the new name? – for this week.  Farewell, dearest fancier of the written word, and hopefully until we meet again!