NFK npo

NFK has a long history. To preserve this heritage, to install a base of continuity and to protect its volunteers, the praesidium of 2014 decided to make the transition to a non-profit organization.

The neccessary paperwork can be found on this page. This comprises of the status, the bylaws and minutes of the General Assembly. Minutes of the Executive Commitee, our praesidium, can be found via the eponymous menu link. Every member can consult the minutes of the Board of Directors in the cudi.

You can always contact the Board of Directors via

Statutes 2017-05-22
Bylaws 2017-05-22

GA 2014-05-14
GA 2015-05-05
GA 2015-10-13
GA 2015-11-10
GA 2016-05-03
GA 2016-10-11
GA 2017-05-22
GA 2017-10-16
GA 2018-05-24