Education representation

Who are we?

NFK’s Education Team represents all students of the HIW. You can come to us with questions and grievances, opinions and praises you may have concerning education at our faculty. We will help you as best we can with problems you might encounter for instance with your exam schedule, class schedule, study material, etc. Please do not hesitate to mail us at onderwijs@nfk.beFor more information about the educational and exam regulations see this page.

An overview of the representatives for this academic year can be found via this link.

What do we do?

We represent you, the students, in various bodies both within the faculty and in Leuven. Most prominent are the POC, the Faculty Council, the General Assembly of the Student Council.

Overall there are two POC’s (Permanent Education Committee): one for the Dutch speaking programme, the other one for the International Programme, including the MPhil. On this level, concrete matters concerning education at play within the HIW are discussed i.e. the programmes, didactical methods and exam systems. The POC also decides on and regulates the practical organization of education i.e. class schedules, guidance with studying, exam format and of exam flexibility. Students formulate at least one third of the POC and by extension have a fair amount of influence when it comes to voting. This is the point where we can share the general opinion of the philosophy students with the other members of the faculty. Minutes of the POC meetings can be found on the website of the HIW

The POC offers its proposals to the Faculty Council about the Programme Philosophy (both Dutch and International). This is where the issues are discussed on the level of the faculty. 

Furthermore, the education team has a seat in the General Assemblee of the Student Council (a.k.a. Stura). This is the official Student Council on the level of the entire university. The students of the HIW together have one vote. These meetings take place bi-weekly. For more information please

How do we represent your opinions?

Every two weeks we organize an open education meeting to which all philosophy students are welcome. Here we want to give everyone the space to share their opinion about education at both the faculty and university level. We also discuss the stura agenda.

At the end of each semester you will be asked to evaluate your classes and professors via official evaluation forms. The results are very important and are taken very seriously by the faculty. Furthermore, as of 2015 there is COBRA, securing the quality of education per faculty. It is a method which evaluates education and its structure from the bottom up by means of talks and discussions with randomly chosen students about their educational experience in reference to the future. You can find more information about it on the website of KU Leuven as well as on

To be easily accessible and update you with the latest news on eduction representation, NFK Education has a facebook page where you can find information on what we are doing.

With this we hope to have given you some insight in the role that your student representatives play at the Institute of Philosophy. If you have further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at