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Discord Study Sessions

Now that the exams are approaching it’s time to grind again! Join our cosy study sessions at our very own NFK Discord where you can get some work done. What better way to get motivated than by studying together with other philosophy students? You can take a break and talk to some people in one of the online breakrooms.
(The Discord is always open to everyone so don’t hesitate to stop by at other moments too. You also might find other students there. )

When? Every Wednesday afternoon from 2-5 pm and every Friday morning from 9-12 am
Where? On NFK Discord server:


NFKupid is back and better than ever for its latest edition! Looking for a friend for the holidays or a little winter romance?
Then don’t hesitate to sign up below 😉 This year the dates will take place in person (!) and we’ll send people off in pairs from the HIW itself for a coffee or a little walk!
See you all there xox