NFCulture: STUKtour

For this NFCulture event the STUK offers us a free tour and a guided tour of the expo “Beneath the Surface of Skin” from Helen Cammock. The tour itself will only take one hour but after the tour you can always stick around at the STUKcafé and have some drinks while reflecting on the expo or the questions of life.

NFCulture event: Film Night

For our first NFCulture event we are going to see the movie Dune in the Zedcinema situated at the STUK. It is a great movie for everyone who is a fan of sci-fi and hasn’t had the time to read the colossal books.
After the movie we can discuss the film together with some fine drinks.
The price for a ticket is €7 if you have a culture card and €9,5 if you don’t have a culture card.