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Verslag/Report Visie Ηδονη (Hèdonè)

De voorstelling van de beleidsvisie van de kiesploeg is achter de rug, nu is het zeker tijd om te stemmen via!

The presentation of the vision of the election team has just happened, now it is definetely time to vote via!

// Nederlandse vertaling onderaan

Report vision text presentation

1) Presentation

a) New functions

International: new ideas, bridging the gap between international and Dutch students. Concrete ideas: international-oriented activities. Reading groups, study-focused activities, activities in the weekend (city visit of Antwerp, Sunday brunch…), discussion group, promote the buddy program.

Breadmeal: organizing the activity, appointing the people responsible

Social: freshmen weekend, godmother/father evening, keeping an eye on activities from other praesidia.

Play: people used to join the praesidium mostly for the play, no time left for their actual function. Clear communication for budget, concrete plans.

b) Education: continuing on the track of this year. Transparency is key, want more opinions, opening the pre-meeting of the POC from the students for everyone, facebookgroup for NFK-education (reports,…). Working with year representatives.

c) Consider every idea that is suggested to the praesidium.

2) Questions

a) Plans for education? Generally: watch over quality in education, the inclusive policy of the KUL and watch out for the budget cuts. Concrete topics of next year will show where we will focus on. Further subjects: transparency for ECTS, examination quotations, working closely together with the faculty (keep good relations)…

b) Coöperation with other student associations? 24 hour run: trying to join politika. Something that has to be discussed for every activity. Important to have a good relationship with other SA’s.

c) Which people for which meetings? People from the education team in the working groups from the student council (StuRa), other meetings speak for themselves.

From the audience:

d) Increasing the involvement of the people from the Dutch program in the graduate conference? Yes, communication is key. Promotion from NFK will make this event more accessible.

e) Representatives in the POC are generally no NFK-members, will this change? We’re working on this, 2 of the international POC-members will be praesidium members (Zoë Claesen, Leigh Karras)

\\ Nederlands

1) Voorstelling

a) Nieuwe functies

Internationaal: nieuwe ideeën om de afstand tussen internationale en Nederlandstalige studenten te overbruggen. Concrete ideeën: activiteiten gericht op internationale studenten. Leesgroepen, studie-gerelateerde activiteiten, weekendactiviteiten (stadsbezoek Antwerpen, brunch op zondag…), discussiegroep, buddy-program promoten.

Broodmaaltijd: organiseren van de activiteit, verantwoordelijken toewijzen

Sociaal: eerstejaarsweekend, peter/meter-acond, activiteiten van andere kringen in het oog houden.

Theater: sommige leden kwamen in het verleden vooral bij het praesidium voor het theater en hadden geen tijd meer voor hun eigenlijke functie. Duidelijke communicatie over budget, concrete plannen.

b) Education: verderzetting van huidig traject. Nadruk op transparantie, meer meningen gewenst, voorvergadering voor POC openen voor alle studenten, facebookgroep voor NFK onderwijs (verslagen etc.), werken met jaarverantwoordelijken.

c) Alle suggesties aan het praesidium overwegen.

2) Vragen

a) Concrete plannen op vlak van onderwijs? Algemeen: kwaliteit en inclusief beleid van KUL bewaken, uitkijken voor besparingsmaatregelen. Concrete onderwerpen volgend jaar zullen de focus bepalen. Verder: transparantie ECTS, quotering examens, goede samenwerking met de faculteit (sterke relatie behouden)…

b) Samenwerking met andere kringen? 24-urenloop: proberen meedoen met politika. Verder zal dit per activiteit moeten besproken worden. Belang van goede relaties met andere kringen.

c) Welke leden in welke vergaderingen? Mensen uit het onderwijs team in de werkgroepen van StuRa (studentenraad), andere vergaderingen spreken voor zich.

Van het publiek:

d) Betrokkenheid van studenten in het Nederlandstalige programma bij de graduate conference verhogen? Ja,focus op communicatie. Promoten vanuit NFK zal dit toegankelijker maken.

e) Vertegenwoordigers in POC zijn meestal geen NFK-leden; verandert dit? Zal aan gewerkt worden, twee internationale POC-leden zullen in het praesidium zitten (Zoë Claesen, Leigh Karras)

Ewoud De Sadeleer

Golden Gatsby Dresscode

Watch the Great Gatsby movie and the pictures below and get inspired by the roaring twenties!

If you want to outshine our Great Gatsby Gala, you have to start by picking the right outfit!

We will accept everything that has gold in it, feathers on it or sparkles all over it!


// Men below

Choose beautiful silks, chiffon or even laces! The idea is fabric that drape effortlessly around your body. Daisy’s outfits stood out because of the gorgeous detailing. Pick pieces with soft details, such as cascading ruffles, sequined accents, beads and even bows! Fringes topped with faux fur stoles or jackets are perfect too. It’s all about beautiful movement!

Also invest in your accesoiries! Go all out with gloves, and anything beaded! Look out for fans or shell motifs, reminiscent of the Art Deco movement, which you can definitely find in thrift stores. If not, go with statement pieces like a sparkling necklace, or rhinestone earrings.
And don’t forget your headpiece! Large glittering head pieces are a must to pull the 1920s look together. If it’s too out there for you, go with sparkling bobby pins or hair combs. Just remember to slick your hair back, for a glamorous look!
And last but not least: your footwear. We love the shoes during the Jazz Age, nothing too high or wacky! Go with a modest heel, no more than 3 inches. T-straps, or classic Mary Janes are perfect! If not, go with classic nude colored pumps.

The key to pulling the entire look together isn’t just the glittery headpiece or fur stole. Really, it’s about serving face! The Flappers of the 20s were women ahead of their time.

Work on your hair and make-up!

Try a bold crimson lip against a creamy complexion. If you want to accentuate your eyes, go for the smoky eye and thin brows. Don’t know what to do with all that long hair? It’s all about the glam pin curl, a timeless yet modern take on the 20s look.
Check out this hair and make-up tutorial if you need some help:

More inspiration for your perfect Gatsby look:


No matter what we think of Jay Gatsby, his style was on point! There was no one who could get away with looking dapper as he did in a pink suit, or look amazing in a cream suit.. in the rain! It would be awesome if we all could get our hands on the Brooks Brothers suits made specifically for Leonardo DiCaprio, but there’s a more budget friendly way…

Preppy Accessories: Anyone can wear a suit, but it’s the accessories that make it 1920s ready! We’re talking Panamas, Fedoras, Trilby or even straw boater hats to make the look pop.

It is all in the details gents, it’s the little things that made Gatsby look so good. Pay attention to the texture of your ties and pin ‘em down with tie pins. We also love how cuff links and a colorful handkerchief in the top pocket make any look complete. Remember, stick to Art Deco inspired pieces, such as diagonal strips or geometric shapes!

We suggest a three-piece suit, in a slim cut. Put on a crisp white shirt, a vest, a clean jacket with high-waisted trousers. Run with any color you like, contrasting prints are encouraged! If not, clean black pants with a white dinner jacket work just as beautifully too. Don’t forget the bow tie!

And clean, and shiny shoes, please! Black Oxfords are great while Wingtips in white is a funky, and fresh addition to your look. If not, black patent shoes work just as well. Whatever dressy and formal-friendly is good, keep your sneakers at home please!

And whatever the outfit may be, ladies and gents, just be dressed enough to be the kind of party people Gatsby will want at his famous glittering soirees!

This Great Gatsby Gala will bring extravagance to Leuven…